pavimenti in pvc

P.P.M. s.r.l. born in the moment of strong evolution in production technologies and pose of the vinyl floorings, associated at greater knowledge of their potential and possibilities of use, with excellent results in many fields. Our contribution is the professionalism, the result of long experience, with the necessary passion.
We accompany our customers from the earliest stage, where you need to make choices about the products that are best suited to specific situations or needs of each, in respect of economic convenience. Technical assessments on wear resistance and aging, chemicals and abrasion, to various possible loads, that allows vinyl floor, must be considered case by case, in order to find the optimal solution to any situation that is required. The knowledge of the specific needs in the health sector, in particular chemical and cosmetic, cannot be improvised; the solutions that we can offer are the result of field experience and compliance with regulations, as well as respectful of the specific safety standards. Not least, the vinyl floorings have achieved high aesthetic standards and design, important qualities that are maintained over time, and because the material is not subject to oxidation thereby maintaining appearance and coloration.

We consider it a good compromise between aesthetics and resistance.
We are specialized in laying and supplying of PVC, rubber, linoleum and carpet flooring.

We’ll be our care establish with you what kind of material use, according the setting.

  • Lower environmental impact

The product we use is recyclable or easily disposable without constraint, the procedures followed environmentally correct.

  • Efficiency

We redesign and continuously renew our products, processes and business models to ensure maximum efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Integrity

Let integrity, fairness and consistency of the guiding principles of our actions, convinced that only in adherence to these values ​​is possible to build strong relationships with us, customers and suppliers.