pavimenti in vinile

Our materials, originating from the most qualified world producers, respond to the required specific classifications and needs, like resistance to fire, abrasion, heat, light (UV), and the surface treatment is against bacteria, electrostatic, etc..The technical characteristics achieved by PVC today, together with dimensional stability, make it a technologically advanced material debunking the common idea that this is a poor product and fallback.

For our long experience in Italy and abroad, and in-depth knowledge of the market, P.P.M. srl is able to assist our customers from the choice of the most suitable product for specific needs, including defining technical specifications, and the supply and installation of the product chosen.

pavimenti pvc

Working 24 h/day and seven days a week, with our flexibility we minimize your inconvenience and production interruption periods.

Moreover, we also perform restoration of existing materials, both for walls and ceilings in addition to traditional flooring and related connectors to the walls. In fact, in the delicate environment of hospitals and wherever there are strict hygienic requirements, it is essential that connection between floor and wall be sealed, hygienic, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Our integrated system in covings (connectors wall/floor), seals perfectly these critical areas using the same material. There are also pre-formed and reinforced corners that guarantee a quality result: corners and edges do not require welding and include reinforcement resin.

We can also offer advice for detailed customized estimate, to be prepared with your technicians to optimize timing and processing steps. All our products come with MSDS and ministerial approval. Their future disposal does not require special precautions and no additional burden.

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